Lot of 4, button pins. Stick pin fasteners. One - Saddle likeness on front, words that are covered in rust except for S' SADDLE, with words on back, POST over GRAPE NUT over C in cirlce 1953 R.R. over MADE IN USA. One - rust stains, with letters D.B.S. and a Robin Birds design, words on back, looks like THE/WHITHEAD & HOAG CO./NEWWARK N.J./PATENTED/JULY, 7, 1894/APRIL 14, 1896/JULY2?, 1896. One - Thumbs up over WAR SAVER, shows slight age dulling. One - Cross Canadian Ensign with BY THIS SIGN CONQUER flag, some words on back but cannot make due to age darkening. Misc. Pin
Control #WS13856