USS, WW1 era, VICTORY BOND, War Effort Pin Lot. Lot of 6. All button type, two with pins, 17.53mm across, one has words LIBERTY LOAN, V, in white on blue, maker American Art Works and other words FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN, and Flag with 4 bars on it, letters in white, on blue, maker J.L. LYNCH on back. Four without pins, one - 17.35 across, words UNITED WAR WORK CAMPAIGN, in white, with red shield with words, FOR THE BOYS OVER THERE on it, this one dented in, maker name on back, American Art Works. One 17.53mm across, words FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN, white with flag design with 4 bars, on blue, slight dent on it, J.L. LYNCH maker marked. One red Cross over 1919 on white with blue edge, 18.82mm across, maker J.L. LYNCH Last one 21.13mm across, words, THIRD LIBERTY LOAN, with Bell, in white in blue with red edge, make B.S.CO, UNION MADE, ROCK N.Y. All quite nice.
Control #WS13121