A very nice, what appears to me to be an introduction package for the JIMMIE ALLEN Flying Club, sponsored by Richfield Oil of Seattle Washington.
This lot is made up of the following items and all items show age dulling but as near mint as can be found.
The covering letters mentions the year 1935 which is going to have BIG DOINGS, so I date this from 1934.

The items listed as following.

1. Envelope, 9" x 12", with logo and addressed to person (Carlson) in Grandview, Wn.

2. Introduction letter from Richfield, to parents.

3. Letter to Flying Cadet welcoming him to club.

4. Membership Card to Carlson, with his signature on back.

5. Wristlet, bracelet, and Card

6. Bronze metal wings, RICHFIELD Hi-Octane, FLYING CADET pin.

7. Envelope which card and wristlet came in, addressed to Carlson.

8. 5 (Five) Jimmie Allen Flying Club, FLIGHT LESSONS, No. 1 to No. 5.

9. Fold open, FLIGHT CHART, blue print, excellent with tear bottom centre approx. 4" long.
10. Three photos, to from Jimmie Allen and on with airplane, all Richfield Oil issue.
Control #WS12421