Age Dulled Gold wire bands on maroon leather belt and 2 swords hanger straps. Belt, 1 1/4" wide, with two bands of age dulled gold wire on dark maroon leather backing. Leather has age dried and some missing to the front and larger pieces missing from back. Belt approx. 38" total length. Belt has three brass metal oval loops attached. It has a adjustable strap attached with a 6" long loop with a brass buckle which holds a 24" long strap with loop and buckle at the end. Strap is 1" thick and same gold wire and maroon leather, leather shows ageing but no damage. A second strap is attached to a rectangle loop with an approx. 15" strap with a dull Gold double head LION buckle at end and a brass hook on the same loop, again same material as other strap and same condition. On one end of the belt a loop hook catch and the following buckle on other end. Buckle approx. 2 3/4" long x 2" high, curved out in dull gold coated metal. The badge attached is age dulled Silver Metal, Victorian Crown over Leaf Wreath with voided letter MILITIA ENGINEERS and VRC, script letters in silver on gold dome, badge attached to the buckle with two small lugs and pin. The badges is highly detailed and in excellent condition. Similar in design to Kiplings & Kings, 850 except word Militia rather than Engineers.
Overall belt shows age dulling and the damage to the leather as mention. Very nice piece.