BOOK: Without Warning - Canadian Sniper Equipment of the 20th Century, Clive M. Law,.
88 pages, 140 ill.
This long awaited book examines the many styles of sniper rifles and optics used by the Canadian Army. Starting with the Ross rifle of Great War fame, mated to the Warner & Swayze telescopic sight, the book examines issues and usage of a variety of sniper rifles. World War II saw a medley of equipment used in the early days. There is all new information on Small Arms Limited (Long Branch) and their experimental rifles as well as information on Research Enterprises Limited and the experimental scopes they developed for the Long Branch rifles. Post-war rifles used by the Canadian Army include Garand, Parker-Hale C3 and C3A1, The FN C1 and C2 (FAL) and the incredible MacMillan Bros Tac50.
The entire text is based on original research at the Canadian National Archives and the Canadian Department of National Defence. New.