RCAF, two piece, cloth kit bag and straps. One marked, R.C.A.F. REF. 15D/69/KITS, EMERGENCY, PERSONNEL, MK 1A/W.W. JR. CO. LIMITED/6 2943/MANUFACTURED BY/SERVICE GARMENT CO/LIMITED/TORONTO – CANADA and another stamp, INSEC??????/W.W. JR, CO LTD. Each bag approx 12” x 7” at widest, with short strap and buckle joining them at the bottom and a long strap approx. 28” long on the other end of each. Each has six snap type fasteners on the top to open. Each has a single loop, metal, along the top. Both show dark staining on the dark yellow cloth material. The is a small wear hole on the one with the marking on it top left between the first two snap fasteners. There are no contents but likely held emergency items in case of crash. Interesting piece.