OBSOLETE, Regina City Police, JUNIOR BAND, insignia lot. This lot made up of a older, no longer used Regina City Police Shoulder flash, colored, backed with white clear plastic cloth type backing. A cloth shoulder rocker banner, with words JUNIOR BAND, yellow on black, white cloth backing. A hat/wallet badge shield, white metal, with words, REGINA POLICE JUNIOR BAND, letters in black enamel, with a City crest on a Harp backing centre, two screw post fasteners, one with nut. Two Collar badges, Queens Crown, City Crest, with words, FLOREAT REGINA, on bottom banners, lug fasteners. maker marked, LAURIE ARTISS LTD/REGINA - CALGARY/TAIWAN on back. 4 Chrome plated buttons, two each, 21.59mm & 27.74mm across, one of the small one marked, WILLIAM SCULLY, rest blank. Each button same design, Queens Crown centre with words, POLICE FORCE, on outside banner. Nice lot.
Control #WS13547