120 Hour Emergency Candle

From the manufacturer:
Our 120 Hour Emergency Candles are ready to use anytime for power outages, parties, hurricanes, or romantic occasions! Power BLACKOUT MUST — Don't Be Caught in the Dark Again!

Our newest 120 Hour Emergency candle is ideal for POWER OUTAGES, etc. Emergency candles have long been used for emergency backup lighting. 

This 120 hour emergency candle is great in emergencies for providing a convenient source of lighting, heating and even warming food. Be prepared in case of a power outage or other disasters. Provides 360° of light.

Each Emergency Candle Provides:
Specially formulated long burning wax
Clear glass wax container
Product Dimension: 2 1/2'' ROUND x 8 1/4''
Shipping Weight Per Candle: 1.75 lbs.