Lot of 4. All, British Red Cross Society items belonging to one, BESSIE LYALL. 1 - Medal, with top suspension bar, pin back, with words, Proficiency in Red Cross NURSING, red and white enamel on gold with age dulled white ribbon with two maroon centre bars, with a 4 armed Cross, 38.89mm tip to tip, with words, The British Red Cross Society, on white enamel and a sheild in white enamel with red cross on it. Maker marked on the back of suspension bar, J.R. GAUNT LONDON/RR629286. 1 - round pin, 25.43mm across, with words St. ANDREWS AMBULANCE Corps, on blue enamel and a red cross on white shield,enamel, excellent. 1 - Red Cross Cap Badge, lug fasteners, bright copper gold with attached shield with red cross, enamel, on it. 1 - Box, 2 piece, with BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY, London address, No. 06114, with B. LYAFF in pencil as an address, also on box in pencil number 2815. Nice lot to one Women.
Control #WS11862