Marway Militaria is proud to be one of the few distributors of this fine book. It is a must have in the reference library of collectors, dealers and historians.

Every day Police Officers and Fire Fighters serve their neighbours in an effort to preserve the safety and security of their communities. In doing so they place themselves in dangerous and sometimes fatal situations. In 1909, the British monarch King Edward VII signed a Royal Warrant establishing the first medal of its kind to recognize the most conspicuous gallantry and distinguished service in police forces and fire brigades across the British Empire. From 1912 to 1951, 57 decorations were awarded in Canada and Newfoundland. This book is a collection of the stories leading to those awards and the individuals who embodied the creed “To Guard My People” that is emblazoned on the medal.

Published in 2017. New. Soft cover, 138 pages, plus 28 pages of Appendix. Limited Printing. Written by Jack Templeman.