The late Ted Wigney was Canada's foremost Great War researcher. His book "Roll of Honour of the CEF" has become the WWI Researchers Bible.
Ten years in the making in Guests of the Kaiser Ted has compiled the details of 3800 CEF POWs. The majority were taken at Ypres and Mount Sorrel, but Ted's meticulous list gives details of all POWs, those lost on Trench Raids, The March Retreats, and even divulges the Alias of the RCR deserter, Otto Doerr, who went over to the Germans before Vimy, and gave up much information on the Canadian Plans. Only Ted Wigney could unravel the story of the RCR deserter. The book also contains the stories of the 100 Escapers, gallantry awards, and many other fascinating details of this forgotten piece of Canadian history.
[Paperback] by Edward H. Wigney. 172 pages
Publisher: Cef Books; 1st Edition edition (January 2008)