1898 MK1, Staff Sergeants Sword. 33” Plain blade, with V’s pointing at each other and Arrow /Crown/T5/ E / V’s point at each other and word WILKINSON on one side and Crown/T5/E and !! ’11, blade shows couple of small areas of pitting. Marked on the guard, George V, Kings Crown crest, C Broad Arrows pointing at each other (Showing that it was released to the public) and Arrow/W.S.C./Crown/ T5 (Rest of the mark covered by the grip) this on the top side of the guard. Under the bottom side of the guard, 4 . 14 (both these crossed out)/ 29 TH, also crossed out and 5/6.22/R.C.R./4. Shark skin grips show wear but still good. Scabbard, metal, some small dents, marked, 6 . 13/32ND./6/, all these crossed out and 6.22/R.C.R./7, these marks on the body of the scabbard. On the flat top part marks, Arrows pointing, Arrow/WSC/Crown/T5/’11. Nice Royal Canadian Regiment marked Sword and Scabbard. WS17193.