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Additional Pictures QSA Cunning

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Queens South Africa Medal, Lord Strathcona's Horse, LSH / NWMP Connection PTE Cunning
Queens South Africa Medal, 4 bars, TRANSVAAL, ORANGE FREE STATE, RHODESIA, CAPE COLONY, impressed to 180 PTE. F CUNNING LD STRATHCONA’S H:, original tattered piece ribbon. Medal and bars near excellent for age.
“NOTE” In RONCETTI/DENBY book, Canadians who served in South Africa, it is noted that Armstrong was roll number 2702, Regt. No. 180, was entitled to, NATAL, ORANGE FREE STATE, BELFAST and SOUTH AFRICA 1901, not sure why it has these bars on it. On his service record it shows the three bars noted here.
13 pages of records on Fredrick Cunning, from the net, joined 5 Feb 1900, at Macleod, Alberta, and was discharged 16 Mar 1901 at Ottawa. He served with the NWMP for a period of three years, very/very faint ghost date.
Check on line for his NWMP service reveals a file with over 40 pages, on file is a letters, say he joined the NWMP 10 Feb 1895 and was dismissed for breaking barracks and drunkenness 11 October 1897. Bears some more investigation.

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Additional Pictures QSA Armstrong

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Queens South Africa Medal, Lord Strathcona's Horse, LSH CORL Armstrong
Queens South Africa Medal, 3 bar, BELFAST, ORANGE FREE STATE, NATAL, impressed to 237 CORL. J.E. ARMSTRONG, LD . STRATHCONA’S H:, Lord Strathcona’s Horse, LSH. Ghost dates visible but faint. Excellent except Queen Victoria has a small mark on her cheek.

Ten pages of records retrieved online, reveal, John E ARMSTRONG that enlisted at Ottawa, 21st Feb 1900 and discharged 19 Mar 1901 (Note on his file he stated in Africa and then invalided to England 19-03-01). On his War Veterans’ Allowance Board, South Africa application he is listed as a Lieutenant, that form dated 9-7-38 so he must have had some further military service, un researched.

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Additional Pictures QSA Hopeson

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Queens South Africa Medal, Royal Canadian Regiment, RCR PTE Hopeson
Queens South Africa Medal, four bars, TRANSVAAL, DRIEFONTEIN, PAARDEBERG, CAPE COLONY. impressed to, 7348 PTE. C.W. HOPESON, R. CANDN: REGT. (Royal Canadian Regiment, RCR) Complete, faint ghost dates visible. Original Ribbon. Medal is near excellent for it’s age, showing normal age wear.

On line records reveal, Charles William HOPESON, enlisted Toronto, 21st Oct 1899, age 22 yrs, served with the 48th Highlanders prior to enlistment and was discharged 5th Nov. 1900.

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Additional Pictures QSA Mulhern

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Queen South Africa Medal to Canadian Mounted Rifles / NWMP connection - PTE MULHERN
Full size, original medal, QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA, with six bars, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902, with ribbon. Impressed along edge 353 PTE. P. MULHERN. CANADIAN M.R. (Canadian Mounted Rifles). In RONCETTI & DENBY'S book, The Canadians who served in the Boer War, he is not listed as being issued with the 1901 SA bar but this is not uncommon. Spelling incorrect in book at MUTHERN.
From his service record it appears that Mulhern had previous service with the NWMP and was discharged from the Canadian Mounted Rifles 4 Oct 1900 and transferred to the Transvaal Constabulary, later South African Constabulary. In his NWMP Police files, which is over 43 pages long, is a discharge certificate showing he served in the NWMP 20 June 1901 to 26 Sept 1902, his Boer War time and then served several years thereafter.
Another interesting note on his Boer War file is a letter from Commissioner A.B. PERRY (Commissioner of the NWMP 1 Aug 1900 - 31 Mar 1923), from Ottawa, to Col. Thomas D.B. EVANS, (Commanding Officer of the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles) dated Dec 10, 1901, at Regina, stating that Const. Mulhern was anxious to enlist but refused by surgeon (Copy of this on file) for deficient teeth, "Do you want him", to which Evans replied, "Would like Mulhern to come".

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Group of 4 WW2 Service Medals 8th Gurkhas Regiment
Awarded to RFN. Tankbahadur Thapa, 8th Gurka Regiment. Lot consists of 1939-45 and Burma Star, impressed 89788 RFN. TANKBAHADUR THAPA 8 G.R., British issue war medal and WW2 India Service Medal. Nice grouping. Court mounted, with ties clipped around medals to see naming.

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1854 Crimea Medal with Sebastopol bar - Royal Artillery
A nice original full size with ribbon. Impressed along edge E.HARNETT . GR. DR. 3RD BTN RL ARTY . With SEBASTOL bar. A few edge knocks.

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